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Back to School 2017

Marie, Aida, and the kids went to the shoe capital of Cebu, Carcar City, to buy shoes for the kids.

The school year has officially started. And no one is more excited than the kids who are going back to school. They are excited to meet their friends and classmates, as well as learn new things. They are also excited to use their new shoes, uniforms, and school materials – that is if they have something new.

We make sure that the sponsored children are always excited to go back to school and do their best. That’s why, Marie and Aida, went out with the kids to do their shopping of new shoes, bags, and school materials. They did it before school started to also inspire the children to welcome the school year with a smile.

Here are the photos of their shopping:

The kids went to the mall. They seldom get this opportunity as their parents cannot afford to bring them to the mall. They are happy to receive their new bags. 🙂

These little cuties also got their new bags. They are starting their first grade in elementary school this year.

Marie and Aida also distributed the school materials which they already arranged inside the new bags for the kids.

Thank you so much to all our sponsors!

To all the sponsors, Thank You for supporting these kids. They are truly happy and excited to start the school year. Because of you, they are inspired to study hard and strive for a better future. You are making a difference!

Together we can make a difference!


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