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Bankers Make a Difference!

It’s fun to see how different stakeholders from the community come together to help each other. 

Today, representatives from UnionBank Cebu came to the Rise Above Community Center and gave an early Christmas surprise for the kids. They came with prizes, food, and school and office supplies for our two centers. They also played with the kids. It was fun!

The kids really enjoyed the afternoon. You can see it in their smiles! They played games, ran around, and got prizes. The energy of the kids was over the top. And even though it rained a little later that day, the food distribution and the rest of the activity was successful.

UnionBank also came with a nutritionist who explained to the kids what kinds of food they can eat so that they will stay healthy.

Here are some of the videos taken during the event:


We are so thankful to UnionBank for making a difference with us. You have made the kids really happy and left an unforgettable moment to them.

Together we can make a difference!

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