End of Month Report – April 2017

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End of Month Report – April 2017

It is always so special when we can be instrumental in making a difference here in Cebu City. April was yet another month where we experienced people’s happiness and gratitude and we feel privileged to be channels of blessings to those in great need.

Here are some of the highlights that took place this month.

Dental Mission

Dr. Elizabeth treating a patient at the Rise Above clinic assisted by Camilla.

At the beginning of the month, Dr. Elizabeth, Marlene, Camilla and families from Denmark, came to join the dental mission at the Rise Above Clinic. They had been part of dental missions a few years back, and wanted to help again. Patients from the poor community beside our community center and students we didn’t have time to treat during the mission in March were the lucky recipients of the free treatment.

Adi doing the registration, and Marlene, the hygienist, cleaning the teeth of one of the mothers of the kids frequenting the Children’s Library .

The families and kids were grateful to have this opportunity as almost all of them only get to have a dental check up when there’s a dental mission at the community center. And we are very happy that dentists volunteer their time with us.

Sarah, a friend and volunteer from the U.S helped in the registration during the dental mission.

We hope to get more dentists to volunteer at our community center so that we can serve more people from the community.

15,000 Cups of Yogurt for Kids

We are overwhelmed and very grateful for the support that we are receiving from local companies.

Last month, Nestle Philippines, sponsored milk for different schools and Childcare centers which we distributed. This month, we received some good news again. A representative from Asia Brewery Philippines called as they wanted to donate 15,000 cups of Pascual yogurt to different schools and our children centers and requested our help.

A truck from Asia Brewery delivered these boxes of yogurt to the Family Care Center.

The yogurts were delivered to our Family Care Center, and from there we arranged the deliveries to the different schools and Centers we are affiliated with. 

Delivery to Napo Elementary School in the mountain area of Guadalupe.

The students and teachers were really happy to be the recipients of the yogurts, as most of these children have never seen or tasted a yogurt in their lives. As up to 40% of children in these schools are malnourished, then a gift like this is greatly appreciated and the principals consider it a privilege to be chosen as recipients. For all of these kids; it was a “first time” experience to eat yogurt as it is not a normal part of the Philippine diet.

To Asia Brewery Philippines: Thank you for coordinating with us. It has made a difference to the kids. You can read the full story about the yogurt distribution here.

Help for Cheryl’s Family

Cheryl called to inform us that her house was destroyed during a fire in Labangon, Cebu City. They lost everything in the fire and still they don’t have a place to live. At the moment, they are staying in a small hut just across the road of what remains of their house.

Cheryl and her family is for the mean time staying in this hut that has no walls, 

We were able to extend help through some used clothes and shoes, however, what they really need is a better place to live. They hope to reconstruct the house, however, they still are waiting for permission from the land owner.

These are the only things left after the fire and most of these things are no longer functional.

We would like to ask for your help. Let’s make a difference for Cheryl and her family. You can click on this link to donate: https://www.gavagives.com/help-for-cheryl-fire-victim.



It is very inspiring and encouraging to see volunteers coming from different parts of the world. And just this month, we had five volunteers who came and helped at the Community Center/Children’s Library.

From left to right (Ian, Nicole, Adi, Jon, Rebecca and Nini)

These volunteers came from United Kingdom and from Denmark. They played with and taught the kids during their time at the library. They also hosted a sports competition among the kids and the young people in the community. 

Volunteers preparing the vegetables for the feeding program in Sitio Kanaas.

Together, they also hosted two feeding programs for kids in Sitio Kanaas, and Sambag Dos. These two communities are both located in Guadalupe, the biggest district in Cebu City. In these communities, there are more than 2,000 families and so many children. So one meal is already a big help for them.

Here are some of the videos that the volunteers made during their stay in our center.



It is an amazing thing when people come together to reach out to make the less privileged happy, even for a little while. Because in that little while, we have given them hope for the future and faith, that there are still people in this world who care. In those short moments, we show them that they are valuable and that they have worth. In those short moments, we made a difference for them.

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There are months left of this year and there are still so much that can happen. We hope that you will partner with us in our work here in the Philippines.

Together we can make a difference!

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