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End of the Month Report – March 2017

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself, but each of us can work to change a small portion of events. It is from numberless diverse acts of courage and belief that human history is shaped.”- Robert F. Kennedy

It has been a great and productive month for us. A lot has happened and so we are excited to share with you what happened. To all who has been a part of these programs, we would like to extend our deepest appreciation to all of you.

Here are the highlights of the events and activities we did for the month of March.

Alternative Learning System (Out of School Youth) Program

Alternative Learning System is a program for out of school youth who, because of poverty had to leave school, but would like to graduate from high school. High-School is essential for further education. The Department of Education in the Philippines sends teachers to different schools and districts to conduct lectures and reviews. After one year of review, the students then have to take an accreditation exam. After they pass the exam,  they can get their diploma as high school graduates.

Aside from offering the community center as their classroom, we also want to encourage them to pursue their dreams. Not all of those who enroll finish the course. Some of them have to drop out of the ALS program to focus on getting a job to help support their families. This is why we invited Arnold to speak to the ALS students and encourage them to push forward, no matter what they go through.

We’ve known Arnold for a long time. He made the prosthetic legs for Junevieve, Juliette and Cheryl. He is also an amputee. He lost his leg when he was 14 years old. But it did not stop him from achieving his goals.

He finished several vocational courses from TESDA, a government training center for vocational courses here in the Philippines. He also became a gym enthusiast, a Paralympic athlete, the first amputee to swim from Mactan Island across the channel to Olango Island, a 3 km swim through rough waters,  and the first amputee to climb Mt. Apo, the tallest mountain in the Philippines.

So he encouraged the students that if he made all of these with just one leg, they CAN reach their goals with two. 

Dental Mission

Last month, three dentists from New Zealand came and gave free dental services to students of Ramon Duterte Memorial National High school. This high school is one of the biggest high schools in Cebu City with over 4,000 students!

The dental mission lasted for 5 days. The dentists performed extractions, restoration and prophylaxis to the students who registered. They also treated some of the school staff and teachers.

Dr. Alisha used the mobile digital X-ray donated by Dexis and Aribex during the dental mission.

Through the entire dental mission, the dentists treated 173 patients. This is more than our estimated number of patients which would be 150; a ratio of 1 dentists to 10 patients per day. There was a total of 173 restorations done and 259 teeth extracted throughout the whole week. 

We are very grateful to Dr. Alisha, Dr. Vivian and Dr. Sophia for coming here and treating the students relieving their pain. Read more about this story here.

Milk Distribution

It is a great privilege for us to bring good news to students and teachers in different schools. And we are so happy that Rotary Club of Cebu and Nestle Philippines chose us to be their partner in this program.

Nestle Philippines had thousands of  liters of milk that they wanted to donate. So they coordinated with the Rotary Club of Cebu in looking for schools and centers where they could donate the milk. Stephen Castillo of the Rotary Club then called us to be one of the partners for this program 

We traveled 100km north to schools that are already on our tooth-brushing and hand-washing program and brought boxes of milk for the children. We also brought milk to our two centers for the kids who come there every day. We were able to distribute 1,780 liters of milk to the schools and our centers in total.

It was an amazing experience for us. We know that many Filipino families can’t really afford a healthy meal and so, milk is not a priority for the kids. But we know how important a glass of milk is for the children. This is already a big help and a difference to the students and children in the poor community.

So THANK YOU so much Nestle Philippines and Rotary Club of Cebu for making us a part of this program. We hope that you will continue to make a difference for many Filipino children.

Tooth Brushing Program Update

As the school year closes, we wanted to get new updates from the schools which are included in our tooth brushing program. So we went out to the different schools and observed one of their tooth brushing sessions.

We were happy to see that the kids were excited to brush their teeth. As their teachers mentioned, the kids need not be told anymore. After lunch they just go straight to their tooth brushing area with their tooth brushes and a glass of water. It has already become a habit for them and this is a really good news.

We believe that the tooth brushing program is something that will help students become more aware of their health and hygiene. It shapes good habits in them and it will definitely have a lasting effect.

Thank You!

To all our sponsors and partners who support us tirelessly, we can’t thank you enough! Without your help it would have been so hard to reach our goals.

We hope that you will continue to work with us as we aim to make a better future for the Filipino children. Thank you for making a difference with us.


Together we can make a difference!

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