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Cheryl’s Dream Come True

Life is not easy. We all know that. And it is more difficult when you’re a person with disability.

It is undeniable that in this world, people who have disabilities have been a subject of bullying in so many occasions. However, these people live life to the best of their abilities. And this girl in our story is one of the most amazing people we’ve ever met.

Cheryl Angot was born without hands and one leg. But it never stopped her from pursuing her dreams. She is now studying psychology in one of the universities in Cebu.

Cheryl is the 5th in a family of seven children. Her parents don’t work anymore. Her father has to retire because of a stroke while her mom is a housewife. So, Cheryl has to support herself. She works part time as a CCTV assistant in one of the companies here.

Growing up, Cheryl shared that she has been bullied a lot. But she was grateful that her mom is always there to encourage her.

“Sometimes I’m crying. But it’s okay because my mom will fight for me,” Cheryl said.

She also shared that she feels fortunate that her condition is inborn. She has learned how to manage things since she was little and didn’t need to adjust so much. And she even learned how to write! Oh, her handwriting is beautiful.

Just recently, Cheryl went to Elisabet to ask for help regarding her prosthetic leg. She was suffering from pain on her hips wearing the old leg because it’s already so torn. Elisabet asked her friends for help in sponsoring Cheryl’s leg. And a group of very generous people responded positively.

Last December, Cheryl went in for the first fitting of her new prosthetic leg. And she was so happy. She told us that it is her dream leg. She always wanted to have a leg that she can bend. The old leg was made with cheaper materials and so it was not the best of quality. But it’s all they can afford.


To LuckyChap Entertainment, you helped Cheryl’s dream become a reality. Thank you so much for your generosity. 


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