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Rise Above Foundation partnered with Medtronic International Limited to help more in need

At Rise Above Foundation Cebu(RAFC), we do whatever is necessary to improve the quality of life for the poor Filipino families. When CMCC, on behalf of Medtronic, contacted us last year to be Medtronic’s charity partner in Philippines, we jumped onto the idea! That contact triggered a chain of activities in preparation to support Medtronic’s annual meeting and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative that took place in Cebu, Philippines this June 2014.


We shared with Medtronic’s representatives the various projects RAFC currently run to provide them first-hand knowledge on the different types of projects we run to support the local community. The bag-making initiative under the livelihood program aimed at helping mothers at our Family Care Center equipped with life-long skills to support themselves caught the attention of our sponsors.  Subsequently an order for 300 individually handmade bags was placed with specific request for the bags to be in primarily blue, representing their corporate color. As this was one of the biggest orders we received, it was definitely a challenge. Careful and detailed planning was required to ensure we delivered our promise. Our ladies under the livelihood program were thrilled to put their skills to good use and earned a living for themselves by personally weaving these beautiful and fashionable bags for Medtronic. Everyone worked hard and completed the order just a few days before the event commenced!









Medtronic wanted to partner with us for an event, so we arranged a health related event at Kalunasan Elementary School, a school we regularly are helping through the food program. They sponsored a bag for each of the school kids with their own toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, towel, nail clipper, cup and more that the Medtronic delegates would hand over personally to the children. As Rise Above is running a tooth-brushing program, we suggested also that they would sponsor toothpaste, toothbrush and hand soap for each of the children to be used at school under the supervision of their teacher. This was approved.

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Besides placing the order for the bags, Medtronic also partnered with RAFC in support of our Health and Hygiene initiative and visited Kalunasan Elementary School on Jun 5 to officiate the gifting ceremony and handover of one year of basic oral hygiene supplies and starter kits to the principal for the year of 2014-2015.









At the ceremony, more than 100 Medtronic volunteers visited the elementary school and were warmly welcomed by closed to 900 adorable, delighted students waiting anxiously in anticipation for Medtronic’s arrival. Some 60 students even lined up along the pathway waving their handmade flags in excitement and cheering as three large buses pulled up near the school compound! That was truly a touching moment and certainly a beautiful scene.

132    139







Once everyone gathered in the school, the principal opened the event welcoming Medtronic and expressed her heartfelt gratitude for their generous support in helping the needy students. In appreciation for the donation and to welcome Medtronic, the students performed traditional folkdance to extend their hospitality. Present at the ceremony was also Mr George Poole, Medtronic VP ASEAN and event lead Miss Angeline Lum (EA to Mr Poole). Mr Poole spent several minutes addressing the principal, teachers, students and volunteers before the ribbon cutting ceremony with school principal and RAFC’s President to hand over the basic hygiene & starter kits to the school.

150   145







Certificate of appreciation were presented to both Medtronic and RAFC for their efforts and contribution.

158  159







Once the gift ceremony was over, students quickly returned to their respective classrooms where Medtronic friends performed a sing-along; act-along educational song demonstrating basic hygiene steps of cleaning their faces, brushing their teeth, washing their body and combing their hair. Individual starter kits consisting of toothpaste, toothbrush, soap, towel, nail clipper and cup for home-use was handed out to the students personally. To ensure continuity of good hygiene practices in school, Medtronic also responded to RAFC’s tooth-brushing program providing toothpaste, toothbrush and soap for the students to continue good hygiene habits while in school.

080  161







With good fun and visitors, time passed by quickly. Before we knew it, students were due to head home before the sun would set and visibility become poor. And with all rural areas, many have to commute from one place to another by foot, and this is the same for students known to walk an average of 2 hours to reach home. To keep the students from being hungry, Medtronic provided a large pot of “Lugaw” so they could enjoy the delicious and nutritious porridge (consisting of chicken, rice and vegetables) while hiking home. Many were seen dishing out cups from their goodie bag to have a scoop of the Lugaw. And that concluded an eventful day in Kalunasan Elementary School.

DSC08872 1      DSC08873







Speaking at Medtronic’s meeting

Mr Flemming Hansen (RAFC President) was invited to share an overview of the various works we engage in reaching out to the needy in Philippines. As part of Medtronic’s yearly project, they have raised funds in helping RAFC continue our worthy and needy cause. At the meeting, Mr Hansen was presented a cheque totaling US$20,000 by Mr Poole (VP ASEAN) for our use in the different missions and programs. A separate proposal detailing the use of the funds were shared with Medtronic.

All in all, Medtronic’s  contribution to RAFC and our affiliation were

  • 300 hand-woven bags under livelihood program titled bag-making initiative
  • One year of basic hygiene supplies and starter kits to Kunalasun Elementary School in the Health & hygiene programs
  • 1 pot of Lugaw for 900 students as part of the “Feeding the Hungry” and
  • US$20,000 to RAF where the funds are used in
    • Food Program for 600 students at Sapangdaku Elemenetary School (2014-2015)
    • Dental Mission targeting 150 patients per day from July 7-20, 2014
    • Education support for Sayson family
    • Goats and chicken for Magdalena’s family
    • Building of 10 homes

For all the work and contribution Medtronic and its partners have rendered us in continuing our mission and purpose, we like to express our profound gratitude for their generosity and kindness who has touched the lives of many individuals and their families.





































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