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We want to express our profound gratitude to all of you who are sponsoring children for education here in Cebu. Living in this country, it’s impressed upon us time and again how important it is for children to get an education. Without an education, the people will continue to be poor, with no hope of a better life. Giving people an opportunity to rise above is our vision, and education is one of the steps to achieving that.

Story written by Abi and Elisabet

Jeniffer worked long hours at organizing the school materials.

Well, after the hard work of purchasing the school materials, the backpacks, the shoes, the rain coats and organizing everything by names ….. (a big thank you  to Jennifer, Michele (a Danish volunteer) , Lene (our Brazilian friend and visitor) and Marie for seeing the whole thing through!) came the fun part: ‘Going to give it out to each family’!

Even the shopping of 294 pairs of socks took a lot of work - here Marie is arranging them by sizes.

Here are some pictures of us going the distance and meeting the parents or relatives of each of the 147 sponsored kids, in 9 different areas of Cebu, Baksan, Mandaue, Reclamation Area etc… a joy to feel a part of this great miracle and see the thankfulness of the mothers!

Theresa was so thankful for gifts from her sponsor family in Denmark. She wrote Elisabet on Facebook: "I will study hard so that Charlotte will be proud of me." Here together with her grandmother, as she's lost both her parents.

We met Felicidad in the women's prison a few years ago where she attended all the classes. When she got out, she was faced with being a single mom having to care for her children, and having no way of supporting herself. With a Christmas gift, she started her small business, but it's not enough to send her children to school. When she heard about our sponsorship program, she asked if we could please help her children get an education. We were happy to help, and they are now both enrolled in school. Since Felicidad works at the market, she always brings us fruits and vegetables to show their appreciation for the help we give them. This time they went away with all the materials her children needed to be able to attend school.

Gabe and Marie with a fully loaded van of school materials. They had to go several times to bring it all to different areas.

Peregrina is a single mother of 7 children. She was selling small trinkets by the road side to get money for food for her children. When we opened the Family Care Center in July 2009, her youngest child, Rodrigo got a place there. This year through sponsors in Switzerland and Denmark, all her children are now sponsored for school. Words cannot express their thankfulness! Marie and Lene (visiting from Brazil) gave the school materials to all the mothers and children from Guadalupe elementary school at our Family Care Center

All the children attending Kalunasan elementary school happily posing together with their mothers, Marie and Abi.

All the children received rain coats also, as rain and getting wet is the biggest cause of pneumonia among children. Children would not attend school when it's heavy rain, as their parents cannot afford the medicine if they get sick.

Jeniffer held a speech for the mothers and their children about studying hard and being faithful in their studies when they distributed the school materials at Mobolo Elementary School.

About 40% of the children are "working children" that now have a chance to study. Here from a slum area down town Cebu.

TOGETHER WE CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE  and it is altering the future of these most unfortunate children! Last year we had 47 children, and this year 100 more!  We received sponsoring for only the school materials for 87 children, so these materials were given at the beginning of the school year to these children, but because the sponsoring didn’t include lunch and snacks for each of them, we had to just trust that these children and their families will see to that the children will use the opportunity and go to school even without the supplied lunch and snacks. We are not visiting all these families, as we do not have the personnel or budget for it.

You can also help donate towards education or help sponsor another of our projects. Please click on our web page: www.RiseAbove-Cebu.org or www.RiseAbove.dk. YOU CAN HELP MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

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