The Rise Above Foundation is run by a dedicated team from different nationalities.

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The Rise Above Team:
 Flemming and Elisabet Hansen, Ireneo (Gabriel) Tangalin, Jovita Beth (Marie) Tangalin, Abigail Biard, Susanne Hansen 

With a steady growing work to improve the quality of life for poor Filipino families, the need for more workers have likewise steady grown.

At the Family Care Center, Carmelita does the cooking not only for the 16 children who come every morning, but also for the 26 children that are sponsored for education at the near-by Guadalupe Elementary School. She keeps the center clean and is also a link to the mothers on the Bag-making Program when they need materials from the FCC.
Nida is the teacher for the children at the Family Care Center, and works there daily Mon-Fri between 8:30am – 4:00pm. It is wonderful to see the improvement in the children since they started coming there, as they are now healthy and happy and are having fun learning.

Apart from the above mentioned people, we have a steady stream of volunteers from Denmark, and other countries in Europe and USA. Last year we had about 200 volunteers who worked with us from just a few days up to 6 months. As of April 2015, we have over 60 volunteers in about 20 different institutions, schools and hospitals in Cebu.

Without the help of all these people, it would not be possible for us to accomplish as much as we do.


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