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A few years back, Dr. Per, one of the volunteer dentists from Denmark, told us that he would like to help a young person in Cebu receive a good education. Having just atteded a Kiwanis meeting where one of the points on their agenda was college sponsoring, we were told that they had interviewed and put 30 honor students through an exam and had given scholarships to the 10 top students. Thinking about Per’s request, we asked them if we could get the name of the student that came in # 11. They happily gave us his name and contact number.

Per gives Jeanrey's family a Christmas gift every year, and here Marie is delivering the donation to Jeanrey and his mother

Jeanrey was elated to be contacted by the Rise Above Foundation, and even though he was not one of the 10 best students, here he got another chance. We told Jeanrey, that a sponsorship for college is expensive, and he would have to show himself worthy of his sponsor’s trust and faith in him. He promised that he would do his best to honor his sponsor’s faith in him.

This is now 4 1/2 years ago. Through the years, we have sent copies of the report cards and personal notes to Jeanrey’s sponsor. His grades have been good, and he even took up Summer classes so that he could excel. Recently, Jeanrey came and showed us his papers and medals and he truly has kept his promise.

Jeanrey was very proud when he came to show us all his medals.

1st place Gold Medal
Cebu Federation Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Philippine Accounting Standard/Philippine Financial Reporting Standard Challenge.

1st place Gold Medal
University of Cebu Level 2 Intercampus Accounting Quiz Bowl

1st place Gold Medal
University of Cebu Science Quiz.

2nd place Silver Medal
Theory of Accounts, Practical Accounting

3rd place Bronze Medal
Cebu Federation Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants – Business law and Taxation Quiz

3rd place Bronze Medal
Regional Federation Junior Philippine Institute of Accountants Cup

3rd place Bronze Medal
Intercollegiate Finance Competition (Central & Visayas)

4th Place
Management Advisory Services Quiz (Regional Federation)

It is impressive to see Jeanrey with all his medals. Jeanrey comes from a very poor family. Without the sponsorship from Dr. Per, this boy would not have had a chance to show what he is capable of. We are so happy to have been the ones that helped him on the way to a brighter future.

Jeanrey showing us his diplomas

Jeanrey has another few month of studying until he gets his Bachelor of Accountancy degree. We are confident that he will achieve his goals. We are rooting for you, Jeanrey. You make us proud!

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