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Written by Christine Baldesco (UP DevComm Intern)


When Rise Above Foundation was looking for children to help, April Rose was one of the children who met their qualifications.

She was a 4th grade student when she became aware of her situation. April Rose was abandoned by her parents when she was a one month-old baby. She grew up in the care of mama Lorna and papa Ruben, friends of her biological mother.

Her biological mother is in Malaysia and according to April Rose, she made no attempts to contact her after leaving her. As for her biological father, all she knows is that he is in Cagayan.

Despite the circumstances revolving around her biological family, April Rose is happy and contented with the family she has now.

Life may have been not so good but the family April Rose has now gives her the strength to smile and to keep moving forward.

Life may not be so good but the family that April Rose now has, gives her the strength to smile and to keep moving forward.

April Rose is 11 years old and is currently in 6th grade, studying at Guadalupe Elementary school. Her adopted mother is currently a housewife and sometimes she’s paid to look after other people’s children.


April narrated to us that her mama Lorna worked in Manila for 4 months as a nanny. Her father is doing upholstery work.

Due to the inconsistency of her father’s job, there are times when they cannot pay their bills so their electricity or water connection is cut. The income of her parents is sometimes not enough to pay for their basic needs.

She has two adopted siblings, 25 and 24 years old with families of their own, but still help with some of the living expenses.

Not living with her biological parents only made April Rose stronger and braver to face the world.

She does not see her situation as an obstacle but rather an inspiration to keep moving forward. However, April Rose admitted that meeting her biological parents will not be an easy thing for her, and she is not ready for it.

She is very grateful to mama Lorna and papa Ruben for taking her into their family. She dedicates her determination and perseverance to her adopted family, to show them her love and gratitude.

Rise Above Foundation has been April Rose's second family.

Rise Above Foundation serves as her second family now and she is thankful for being one of the sponsor children for education. She gets her daily snacks and lunch from the Foundation. She can also do the research for her homework and projects at the Family Care Center where recently an Internet Study Hall with 16 computers was set up, donated by friends of Rise Above.

April Rose said that she will forever be grateful for the help of her family and the Foundation.


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