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Written by Gilbert Picasales (MSU Devcomm Intern)

Ever since she was little, she always wanted to be like her mom.

Genevieve Pacaldo is a 13-year old girl who lives in Cebu city.

For almost every day, she sees how her mother had to leave their home to go the Family Care Center of the Rise Above Foundation. Her mother is a teacher and a second mother to poor young children who come and learn basic reading, writing and arithmetic.

Just like those kids, Genevieve enjoys the opportunity to be able to go to school with lighter financial burden. She is one of the sponsored kids for sponsorship program of the Rise Above Foundation.

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Genevieve with the other sponsored children.

Seeing the sacrifices and heroism displayed by her mother towards the little kids, Genevieve realizes the beauty of having a purpose in life.

A purpose of being able to selflessly share something to people who are less fortunate and who are truly in need help.

This is why Genevieve had already made up her mind of what she really wants to become one day. Just like her mother, she wants to be a teacher.

“Gusto nako mahimong maestra para  matabangan nako ang mga bata makabalo mubasa ug magsulat.” (I want to become teacher so that I can help young children learn how to read and write),” said Genevieve.

She wishes to contribute something to the education and growth of many young children.

Genevieve is now on 8th grade. She is fully dedicated on following her mother’s footstep and aims that one day she will be a person who will serve as an inspiration to many people as well.

Like Genevieve, there are a lot of children who wishes to make a difference too. However, not all of them has the opportunity to reach their dreams. Let us help these kids be great and do great for others in the future.

If you want to know more about this program, visit our Sponsor Education page. You can also send us an email at

Together we can make a difference!

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