The Rise Above Community Center is located in Guadalupe, Cebu City. Sambag II is a slum area in Guadalupe that has 60% unemployment and 40% of the youth have dropped out of elementary or high school. 50% of the residents are between 0-19 years old.

To help improve the quality of life for these people, we are running the ALS program, Alternative Learning System, which at the moment gives free high-school education to 35 youth and young adults. The program is supported by Department of Education as they are supplying us with the teacher.

It is a popular program and youth are in line to be enrolled next year, as it gives youth from very poor families a unique opportunity to complete their high-school education and receive their diploma, which means higher pay if they decide to work, or it makes it possible for them to continue with vocational training or an academic education at universities or colleges in Cebu City.

These ALS students graduated with honors and are now enrolled in college.  Congratulations!

At the moment, the students use the covered area at the Community Center for school. We are working on building a combined class and activity room on the property.

The computer class room at the Rise Above Community Center is where the ALS students take all their tests.

So thankful to receive free education and get his high-school diploma.

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