Many Filipinos in rural areas do not brush their teeth. This may be due to poverty, lack of water, or mere ignorance. After we saw the alarming state of the teeth amongst the children who were treated at our Dental Missions, we realized that something had to be done about this problem. We were introduced to Dr. Bella Monse, a German dentist who devoted her energies to help develop a tooth-brushing program that is now being implemented many places throughout the Philippines.

Through Dr. Bella Monse’s guidance, we started the tooth-brushing program in 2004 at 4 elementary schools and 6 kindergartens in Mandaue City. In 2007 the tooth-brushing program was implemented in several kindergartens and primary schools in Mandaue City. The results were fantastic. As a Danish dentist who helped us evaluate the program said: “The teeth of these children are as good as the teeth of Danish children.”

As an extension to Dr. Monses efforts, we are committed to do our part in the Cebu area through giving instructions in the schools that are part of the program which includes: de-worming twice yearly (done by Department of Health in cooperation with DepEd), daily hand washing with soap, and tooth brushing with fluoride toothpaste. Through daily tooth brushing and hand washing, children learn hygiene routines that are essential in the prevention of basic health problems.

We now have about 25,000 children on the tooth-brushing program, which is sponsored by companies and concerned individuals.

Delivering toothpaste, toothbrushes and handsoaps to a sponsored school
Elisabet gives a seminar to parents and teachers at Dalingding Sur elementary school. Terry Kim from Korea sponsored all the materials for 3000 children.
Flemming and Elisabet receives appreciation for arranging the toothbrushing program for 3000 pupils at Guadalupe elementary school

Program cost: Approximately 35 pesos (0.70 Euro) per child per year for toothpaste, toothbrush and hand-soap. (The de-worming pills are supplied by the department of health.)

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