Cebu after Super-Typhoon Yolanda

One can never prepare for such a disaster as the one that struck Central Philippines in November 2013. You have all seen the condition in Tacloban as there were daily updates of the unmeasurable suffering of the people in that city. Thousands died and over 100,000 people were starving, having lost all their belongings and livelihood in that city alone.

Here on the island of Cebu, the impact of the typhoon was just as bad as in Tacloban, the only thing different was that the sea only rose 1 meter or so, but the wind was measured up to 340km/hr. Who can stand against such force? Thankfully the loss of lives were only a few in comparison, and the people praised God for sparing their lives.

We knew only one thing: We needed to help in whichever way we could those that were suffering!

E-mails were sent out to hundreds of our friends, explaining that we are here, we see the need, and we want to help. How much can you spare to help?

There were an incredible positive response, and our team in Cebu got busy shopping for food and other materials to help relieve hunger and help the people get a “roof over their heads” in Camoboan in Tabogon, on the north east side of Cebu Island. We also had a team of teacher students in Cebu at that time that had taken initiative and collected money from family and friends. We assisted them with the shopping, a place to pack it into portions and load it onto a large truck, and off they went to the north. We were so proud of them!

Through the following weeks we referred friends to our friend Sally at the Sea Turtle Lagoon Resort in Camoboan, Tabogon, and she always welcomed each of the teams with open arms and guided them to the most needy. Together with our friends we brought about 25 tons of food and other aid that were distributed to suffering families. Christmas was just around the corner, and feeling that someone cared for them was the greatest gift they could have dreamed of. There were food (though simple) to celebrate Christmas!


Their homes were destroyed…


The land was scorched and dead from the salt water that was carried far inland with the heavy winds.


Volunteers helped pack the goods.

Marie keeping track on the boxes of canned goods as they are being delivered to our center.

Marie kept track of all the canned goods that we purchased for the aid packages.

Teacher team 1

Danish school teacher students spent several days packing the goods to bring up north.


It was hard work, but so much fun. We appreciate all the help we received from friends and volunteers. Many hands made light work!


Hundreds of families received the goods that were donated.

We have continued to bring bags of food for several families who haven’t been able to find work and their crops haven’t yet recovered. We hope that soon these families will be able to be self sufficient.

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