Living in the Philippines, one can never close ones eyes to the hardship and poverty people face. 40% of the population live in poverty. Most of the institutions we work with, either private or government run, are existing and getting by on a very low and tight budget, leaving them very little room to hire well educated educators and caretakers.

The foreign interns and volunteers help fill the gap for needed personnel, and are received with appreciation, making it possible for the institutions to better care for the children.

During their first week of internship, an orientation is provided to the interns of the things they need to know and what to expect living and working in Cebu.
The Danish Pedagogue team in Cebu, Feb. 1. 2014
Activities for street-kids at Mandaue Drop-in Center

Most of the children who live in institutions in Cebu come from the poor layer of society where families are sometimes forced to give up their children, simply because they are too poor to feed them. These children are abandoned and live on the streets or have been so fortunate that someone has taken them into one of the many institutions that cater to these children.

It is in these institutions that the behavioural science (pedagogue) students are working at, as interns for up to a 6 months period.

We arrange internships for a wide array of college and university courses, School Teachers, Nurses, Social Workers, Media, IT & Office, etc.

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For Danish Interns and volunteers, please click the following link for a comprehensive explanation of the Internship Program in Danish.



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