When we realized that the mothers of the children at our Family Care Center were not able to find work, though we had taken in their pre-school children, we requested Fair Trade in Cebu to hold a seminar and work shop in making bags out of recycled rice and feed sacks which are plastic laminated, and are printed in bright colors.

The training lasted for two days, and the women started making the bags. After much practice, they are now weaving beautiful bags, happy to have perfected their skills.

It has made a big difference for these women to have steady work. They gladly weave the bags and join us as instructors when we teach women in other areas, especially after the super-typhoon Haiyan struck in North Cebu. It makes a big difference for the women to have found work again as it helps make life better for their families.



Another team of mothers are making beautiful bracelets, belts, hair-bands, ear-rings etc. out of scrap leather. An export company here in Cebu donate their cut-offs after they have used the leather for garments. It’s wonderful that we can recycle the leather into attractive accessories.


Marites is a handicapped girl and her brother Dennis suffers from the same sickness – Osteo-genesis Imperfecta. We met them at a school for disabled children and youth in 2001, and have been in steady contact since then.

As they have no chance to find work, we help Marites and Dennis have an income. We invested in art materials and machines to help them make cards out of  recycled paper. We helped them sell them locally and abroad, and they do receive orders. Contact them through Facebook to place your order:

Another way we are helping them make a living is to channel some second-hand clothing to them, which they display and sell. You can help support these two sweet handicapped people by donating nice 2nd hand clothes. A little will go a long way for them.


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