For a monthly payment of US$40 you can give daycare and elementary education to a child in the Philippines. This includes daily lunch at the school. High School education is US$45 per child per month. By sponsoring education for one or more children, you help build independent and educated individuals who will improve their own future, as well as their families’ future.

Marie Tangalin and our Family Care center staff, Carmelita, are preparing educational material packets for the sponsored children.
Marie and Abi distributes the school bags, materials, uniforms and shoes to the children.
Jennifer, a volunteer, works in putting the school materials inside the bags to be distributed to the sponsored children.

Category 1 Kinder. Ages 4-6 years
Category 2 Primary School – 6 years. Grade 1-6. Ages 7-12
Category 3 Junior High – 4 years. Grade 7-10. Ages 13-16
Category 4 Senior High – 2 years. Grade 11-12. Ages 17-18


On the behalf of the families, we want to express our thankfulness to each of the sponsors that make it possible for these children to receive an education!


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