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Since 2008 we have been running a sponsorship program for education here in Cebu, Philippines. If you were here in the Philippines and looking around you seeing children begging on the streets, children working to help their parents carrying water, helping to watch their little siblings or literally working gathering plastics, metals etc. to help their family with a little income, then you would see that this country has an immense need for education for children.

Education is free, but parents have to supply uniforms, shoes, school bags and materials as well as pay fees toward the guard, school maintenance, floor wax, parent-teacher-association contribution etc. This is why the poor cannot afford to send their children to school.

Being moved by the hopelessness these families face on a daily basis, we started the education program, and at the moment we are receiving sponsoring and paying monthly for 68 children that are enrolled in the program.

The Abril family lives by the Guadalupe river. This is government land, so they don't pay rent. It is very dangerous to live there, because at times of heavy rain, the river suddenly rises several meters, and parents and children have to hang on to something so as not be flushed away by the heavy torrent.

Other families live way up on the hills in small bamboo huts. They are better off than the ones by the river, but when there's heavy rainfall, the children have to stay home from school as it's too dangerous for them to climb the hill.

Running the education program is a lot of work, so we had to ask help from a local teacher who has been assisting us in our projects for several years. Her job is multifaceted as she’s the one who visits families in the slums to interview them and find out if the parents are committed to help their children be good students if they would receive the sponsoring. She communicates with principals and teachers, follows up on the children’s progress and get their report cards at every semester break. If the children are performing poorly, she visits their parents again to inquire about their low grades and their tardiness. This process is important, because we have found that some parents will just send their children to school to avail of the lunch that is part of the program.

The children get one pair of school shoes, and all of them have to go to the shop to get shoes that fit them.

The children are so happy for their new shoes. For some of them it was the first time to go to a mall, and it's the first time all of them are able to enroll in a school.

We make sure the children fit their school uniform.

Jeniffer is working on packing the school bags. Socks are included.

The list of school materials that are required for a school year is long, and each child is getting the exact amount that is required.

Gabriel and Marie on their way out to distribute schoolbags and materials to the children on the program.

Peregrina (second right) is a single mother with 7 children. We have received sponsorship for 6 out of her 7 children from Switzerland and Denmark. In the picture is Marie, the head of the program and a volunteer from Brazil, Agilene.

At our "Family Care Center" volunteers help prepare the lunch for 26 children at the Guadalupe Elementary School (as well as the children at the center), and every day mothers pick up the food and bring it to the sponsor children at the school.

Here the children eat a healthy lunch prepared for them at the "Family Care Center". At other schools we have made arrangements with the canteen for their lunch and 2 snacks daily. The children are given food tickets that they exchange for a meal, and we pay on a bi-weekly basis.

Jeniffer visiting all the sponsor children at one of the schools and giving them more note books.

It is wonderful to give a child a sponsored education! To give an opportunity for change and progress – a way out of poverty – is one of the best gifts a poor child can receive.

The cost for an elementary school education for the school year 2011-2012 is US$ 25 per child in elementary school and US$ 28 for high school.

If you would like to help support the program, please donate through Paypal, one of the accounts on our web page, or in Cebu at:

Bank of the Philippine Islands


SM Branch, 6000, Cebu City

Account No. 9131-0050-64


Thank you for your interest. Please write us if you have any inquiries regarding the education program or one of the other programs we are running.

email: info@riseabove-cebu.org

webpage: www.RiseAbove-Cebu.org

or www.RiseAbove.dk

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