Sponsored Children Showed their School Report Cards

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Written by: Susanne Mae Dela Cruz

Another year has passed and it’s the time for the sponsored children of the Rise Above Foundation’s sponsorship program to show the results. A total of 21 sponsored children took their report cards from Guadalupe Elementary school on April 14, 2011. Most of these students are on grades one, two and three.

Kae is the youngest of 4 siblings. She was so excited to see her above average grades.

Kae Agustin Tapere is a grade two student at the age of eleven. She is very grateful of the help that the foundation has given her; the school supplies, uniform, shoes and free lunch and snacks every day. Given that they do not have electricity and water at home and her father is sick, this did not stop her in pursuing her studies which eventually paid off. Kae was only able to start school because of the sponsorship program.  For two consecutive years, she has been getting grades above the average together with the other sponsored children. She stands as a living example on how determination can fight the struggle between education and poverty. She would want to be a nurse someday and she has set her goal planning to fulfill it with the further help of God and the people around her.

“Nagpasalamat jud ko sa Rise Above ug sa sponsor sa pagtabang namu. Daku na kaayu ni nga tabang kay dili gyud mi kakaya’g palit ug school supply ug pagpaeskwela sa among mga anak tanan, lima bya ni sila (We really thank Rise Above and the sponsors for helping us. This is already a very big help because we really cannot afford to buy school supplies and send all of our kids to school, they are five of them),” said Teresita Abril, mother of Mark Henry Abril, one of the sponsored children.

Marie Tangalin and teacher Jennifer assessed the grades of the students and further explained to them the importance of education and good grades to achieve their goals in life. The parents and the children altogether agreed to do the best that they can to improve for the next coming years.

School is over, and the children will stay home and help their parents until school starts again.

The sponsors have given hope to these children; to progress and expect a bright future. If you have more than what you need and if you want to give hope to a child, become part of the sponsorship program and help a child with a better future.  Together we can make a difference.

Donation to this program can be given through Paypal.

Susanne Mae Dela Cruz is a student at the University of the Philippines. She is doing her internship with Rise Above in her Summer holidays.


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