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We ferried the children in our van from the slums where they live to SM Mall.

How it felt like Christmas  – in April – for the 83 children getting to go to the shopping mall to get a new pair of shoes!

Some had never gone to that part of town before nor to a mall!

Jeniffer and Marie had all under control and organized, Abi and Gabe were the drivers, Lene a helper! What a scene as we walked across the parking lot, then through the mall and used the escalators! “Stares” is the right word for people’s reaction! Ha!

People turned to look at us walking through the mall with so many poor children.

Each of these children are from very poor families in Kalunasan & Guadalupe, Cebu City and got chosen for the educational sponsorship, so here we are getting them shoes, and in the next few weeks they will get their uniforms, school bags and materials!

Jeniffer and Lene helped the children fit their shoes.

Many shoppers stopped and asked questions about ‘Rise Above Foundation’ and got a brochure explaining all our projects in Cebu. A journalist from ‘SunStar’ who happened to be passing by the shoe area, interviewed Marie on the spot and was thankful to have met us “in action”!

Marie with SunStar reporter.

Walking orderly in a line back to the van. We made 3 such trips that day! We were exhausted and happy!

We all had a pretty hectic day but the happiness seen in the eyes of each of the kids as they carried they own bag wiped it all away! It felt like Christmas all over again!

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  • stephen castillo

    thank you for caring, and caring enough to make a difference.

  • Videlna Response

    cute little one’s feel so good to help out!

    “every children has the right to play and be educated”

    thanks for making it happen elizabeth & flemming!

    THANK YOU SO MUCH rise above for giving them a chance to have a brighter future!

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