Knowing that our help is making a difference to people’s lives is the greatest thing. So we want you to know that your help is making a difference to the people who receive them.

Here are short testimonies and life stories of the people that has received help from their sponsors through the Rise Above Foundation Cebu. We hope that these stories will inspire you to help more people and make a difference with us.

Together we can make a difference!


Treasure in Trash: Life at the Garbage Dump

Life can be hard for many of us. But I’d say, it’s more difficult for this little child. This is Arnel Ayen. He is now if fourth grade and has been on the sponsorship program since first grade. He lives with his mom and a younger sibling. His dad left when he was young. [...]


Capturing the Beauty of Life

Written by Dionne Cabanos (UP DevComm Intern)   This girl hopes to capture the beauty of nature through her lenses. She dreams of traveling the world and she actually have her bucket list! The oldest of three children, Chrisna Gurrea is 13 years old. She has two younger siblings, [...]


The Dreamer

Written by: Christine Baldesco (UP DevComm Intern)   The next big name in hotel management is Enriqueta Alvior. This is what she hopes for. She dreams of owning and managing her own hotel in the future. Enriqueta is just 16 years old yet she is already business minded and wants nothing [...]


Big Family, Big Dreams

Written by: Christine Baldesco (UP DevComm Intern)   A family of 16 is never easy! Kristine Jane Bacalso is the seventh of 14 siblings. The eldest is just 23 years old and the 14th died when he was only 11 months old. Four of them are already working and from time to time they give […]


Jane’s Tale of Two Mothers

Written by: Christine Baldesco (UP DevComm Intern) Two is better than one seems to be Jane Montalvo’s life story. After all, she has two mothers who fill her life with so much love. Yes, Jane has two mothers: a biological mother and a stepmother. Jane is living with her father and stepmother [...]


Today’s storyteller, Future Reporter

Written by Dionne Cabanos (UP DevComm Intern)   Many people are charmed by this smiling girl. Hazel Capangpangan is a smiling, shy-at-first-but-talkative-later girl, who is only 9 years old. With almost 9 years worth of storytelling, she shared her family’s experiences from the major ones [...]


Big Sisters Have Super Powers Too

Written by: Christine Baldesco (UP DevComm Intern) Antoniña Jalandoni takes her job as a big sister of four seriously. She is the oldest and she lives up to her duties and responsibilities. In fact, to ease her mother from the burden of the household chores, she distributes the responsibilities [...]


Heart of a Warrior

Written by Dionne Cabanos (UP DevComm Intern) Heart complications caused 16 year old Kae Tapere to stop studying for a year. According to her, the doctor said her heartbeat was weak due to low level of potassium in her body. This happened in 2013. Kae narrated the incident when she first [...]


Following a Mother’s footsteps

Written by Gilbert Picasales (MSU Devcomm Intern) Ever since she was little, she always wanted to be like her mom. Genevieve Pacaldo is a 13-year old girl who lives in Cebu city. For almost every day, she sees how her mother had to leave their home to go the Family Care Center of the Rise […]


Facing a Cruel Reality with Bravery

Written by Christine Baldesco (UP DevComm Intern)   When Rise Above Foundation was looking for children to help, April Rose was one of the children who met their qualifications. She was a 4th grade student when she became aware of her situation. April Rose was abandoned by her parents when [...]

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