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Knowing that our help is making a difference to people’s lives is the greatest thing. So we want you to know that your help is making a difference to the people who receive them.

Here are short testimonies and life stories of the people that has received help from their sponsors through the Rise Above Foundation Cebu. We hope that these stories will inspire you to help more people and make a difference with us.

Together we can make a difference!

Dream of a 12-year old girl

Written by Gilbert A. Picasales (MSU DevComm Intern)   To become a nurse. This is what the 12-year old, Jeanrose Cabalquinto wants to become in the future. However, she has a lesser chance of achieving her dreams. Her father provides for the family by selling mango juice in the streets. [...]

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When Right is NOT an Option

We are all aware that child labor is not legal. Different human rights groups rally against child labor, because children are not supposed to work. Children should be playing house with their mother, running in the backyard with their playmates or jumping in the puddles with their cute little [...]

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