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Knowing that our help is making a difference to people’s lives is the greatest thing. So we want you to know that your help is making a difference to the people who receive them.

Here are short testimonies and life stories of the people that has received help from their sponsors through the Rise Above Foundation Cebu. We hope that these stories will inspire you to help more people and make a difference with us.

Together we can make a difference!

Fortunato: My Experience

Hi, I’m Fortunato. I’m an intern in Rise Above Foundation Cebu. I just would like to share about my great experiences working in the Foundation. I am one of the students from Mindanao State University (MSU) Marawi Campus who did their internship in the Foundation. My experiences are amazing and [...]

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A Great Leap for the Future

It feels nostalgic watching the students march on the tune of the famous graduation song with their toga and smiling faces. And as I look at them I realized that for the sponsored kids, this day symbolizes a leap to a brighter future. This year, we had six kids from our sponsorship program who [...]

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JEANREY CORDOVA – CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCOUNTANT We have written earlier on our blog about Jeanrey, and you can read it here for the full story. A few days ago Jeanrey came to our Rise Above office and proudly told us that he now was hired by Citibank Makati, Manila and will start his job on [...]

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An Intern’s Experience

Written By: Susanne Mae De La Cruz School is different from the real experience on the field. That is really what I can conclude as an intern. As I get into the field deeper, I discover things that I didn’t expect and situations far from what I have imagined. I got to interact with people […]

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The Story of Peregrina

HISTORY BEHIND THE  RISE ABOVE’S  LIVELIHOOD PROGRAM In July 2009, the Rise Above Foundation Cebu were able to start a “Child Minding” center for registered poor families in Guadalupe, Cebu City in the Philippines. The purpose of the Family Care Center, as we called it, was to [...]

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