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Written by: Christine Baldesco (UP DevComm Intern)


The next big name in hotel management is Enriqueta Alvior.

This is what she hopes for. She dreams of owning and managing her own hotel in the future.

Enriqueta is just 16 years old yet she is already business minded and wants nothing than to pursue her dreams in life.

She narrated that she struggled a bit in her studies but conquered it already.

She said that she does not want to be reprimanded again by her mother because of her grades. She knows that in order to achieve her dreams, she needs to do better in school.

Enriqueta’s parents also struggled to provide for her school requirements but the educational sponsorship has been a great help. She is very grateful for the help she’s receiving and vows to make her sponsors and parents proud.

Enriqueta's family, the family she wants to help.

Enriqueta’s family, the family she wants to help.

Enriqueta has been in the sponsorship program since she was 10 years old, a 5th grade student.

From then, the Rise Above with their sponsors, has been giving them school requirements, free snacks and lunch.

Research privileges are now also provided in the family care center with the new computer study hall. She hopes that with the help of the foundation, she can enroll in a university soon after she graduates in high school. She wants to get a bachelor’s degree in business management.

These kids are full of dreams and hope. They want to be great in the future yet some of them are not given the chance to do so. Let us work together to lead them to a better future.

You can visit our Sponsor Education page to know more about this program and how you can make a difference for these children.


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