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Written by Dionne Cabanos (UP DevComm Intern)


Hazel and her mother smile for the camera

Hazel and her mother smile for the camera after a meeting was done with the parents of sponsored kids of Rise Above

Many people are charmed by this smiling girl.

Hazel Capangpangan is a smiling, shy-at-first-but-talkative-later girl, who is only 9 years old. With almost 9 years worth of storytelling, she shared her family’s experiences from the major ones up to how she recently injured her knees.

With 2 older brothers (10 and 12 years old), Hazel said she and her brothers can be rowdy at times and even use the word, “pating” to describe how they behave.

She smiled when she shared that their behavior is a problem for their parents, especially for her mother. Sometimes, her mother asks them to go out of the house just so she can get a little peace from their noise and be able to sleep.

Her mother also prohibits them from roaming around because they would get hurt. She proceeded by showing her slightly wounded knees saying she got it from when she jumped off a stage, ran and stumbled, while they were playing.

Hazel’s mother, who comes from Mindanao, works as a vendor at a school (Hazel does not remember where), while her father, originally from Bogo, works at a printing press a few blocks away from the Family Care Center. Hazel shared they have a lot of calendars at home due to her father’s work. She also narrated that it was in this printing press that her parents met.

Hazel is now a 4th grade student at Guadalupe Elementary school. She has been under the education sponsorship program of the Rise Above Foundation Cebu since she was in 2nd grade.

She is excited about the Bible Study sessions at the Family Care Center because she learns more about God and her faith.

She is also grateful for the new computers at the center. She said it is now easy to do her research assignments and she can even print out her papers at the center, too.

However, Hazel admitted that she does not know how to use a computer. She asks someone else to do the research for her.

When asked why, Hazel answered that her mother does not allow her and her brothers to use a computer “kay ma addict daw (for they might get addicted to it).”

“A reporter”, Hazel answered when asked what she wants to become in the future.

“Ganahan ko mag reporter ‘te kay kung nay mga kuan-kuan ‘te ba ma alert nako ang mga friends nako nga naay mga katalangban na maabot diri sa syudad nato. Mao na ganahan ko ma reporter. Mao gani naningkamot ko nga makatarong ko og eskwela para lang makab’ot nako akong ganahan na kurso. (I want to be a reporter because I want to alert my friends, should there be any disasters here in the city. That’s why I am determined in my study now because I want to be able to get the course that I want when I’m in college).” said Hazel.

Hazel hopes to become a reporter someday

When asked to give a message to her parents, she said, “Ig tiguwang ninyo Pa, ay mo’g kabalaka Pa kay ako gyud tarungon ako pag eskwela Pa kay tabangan ta mo.” (Pa, when you grow old, don’t worry because I will do well in school so that I can help you.)

Hazel is such a sweet girl, full of hope and determination for the future. She is happy that the education sponsorship program is helping her take steps to achieve her goal of helping her family in the future.

You can make a difference to children like Hazel. If you want to know how, please visit the Sponsor Education page for more information.




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