Rise Above Foundation Cebu, Inc. is looking for professional and committed volunteers who want to promote dental health in the Philippines. And help the many who need treatment, but can’t afford it.

Who can participate in the dental missions?

1. Dentists and dental students.
2. Dental hygienists and dental hygienist students.
3. Clinic assistants and other volunteers who want to help make a difference.
4. Dental technicians to make dental prosthesis for patients who have lost their front teeth.

When and for how long?

Oftentimes, a project is organized as part of a holiday period. It may be during your summer holiday or as an extension of the Christmas/New Year’s holiday or Easter holiday, but there are no limits to when and  for how long we can arrange a project. The projects in July are typically conducted over a 2 week period, while other times of the year it’s usually only one week to 9 days.

Projects can range from one day to several weeks all depending on the sponsoring and the amount of volunteers.

In 2012 we opened the Rise Above Community Center in Guadalajara, Cebu City, and here we have a fully functional dental clinic, where 1 or more dentists can work for 1 day, 1 weekend, 1 week or for however long you desire, whenever you desire. 


Project participants will pay their own room and board or a set amount paid through Rise Above. This amount may vary from one dental mission to another. Lunch and snacks will be provided during mission days. An administration fee is US$ 250, which covers materials for the dental mission as well as membership fee to Rise Above Foundation. This is included when participants pay a set fee for their participation. The amount is payable through the Donation page: – Please specify for which purpose the money is for!

Mission related expenses such as medicine, materials and transport directly linked to the dental mission are supplied through sponsors, but since there is an every growing need, we are thankful for your help toward medicine and materials.

Work Permit (For Dentists Only)
Foreign dentists practicing in the Philippines need a temporary work permit issued by the local authorities. In applying for a temporary work permit, the following documents are needed:

1. Good and clear color scan of valid passport. (Passport expiry date minimum 6 months upon entry to the Philippines.)
2. CV in English – dealing with dental relevant activities.
3. Certificate of good standing/dental license.
4. Filled in application form from The Professional Regulatory Commission in Manila. (Please write to receive digital copies of this as well as a file of information how to fill in these papers.)

All the above papers,  Except your CV, need to be notarized by a local Notary Public (Notarius Publicus) – Normally done at a lawyers office or court house. 

Once the papers are notarized, please staple them together with the filled in application on top, and bring them, or mail them, to the Philippine Embassy or Consulate nearest you for them to Authenticated by them. (It is advisable to establish phone contact with the Embassy or Consulate before sending the papers). When the papers have been Authenticated by the Philippine Embassy/Consulate all the papers (the originals) need to be sent to us via a courier service. (Normal snail mail is very unreliable here in the Philippines and take a considerable amount of time to reach us), so please use a courier service.

Please be advised that the above process can take quite some time, so don’t hesitate, start the process today. Remember the application deadline is 60 days before the mission start.

Please mail all the above papers to the address given below. (Remember to take a photocopy of all papers before sending them)

For all other volunteers:

1. Good and clear color scan of your passport. (Passport expiry date, should be minimum 6 months upon entry to the Philippines.)
2. CV in English – dealing with dental relevant activities.

Dental and Dental hygienist students also need a letter from the dental college stating your level of study.

The copy of your passport, your CV and, for the students, the letter from your college, can all be scanned and emailed to us at

Application deadline: – No less than 60 days before the start of the project.

For The Dentists: We need the original notarized papers. Please take a photocopy of all papers before sending them by, Express Mail or by courier (DHL etc.) to:

Flemming Hansen
Rise Above Foundation
252. I. Limkakeng St.
Happy Valley Subd., Guadalupe
6000 Cebu City

For travel information, vaccinations etc., please contact the appropriate offices in your country.


If you have any questions, please feel free to write us at

For easy reference, you can download and print the above information here.

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