Nothing you do for children is ever wasted”. – Garrison Keillor

We have about 20 children who daily attend the classes and activities at the Family Care Center located next to Guadalupe Barangay Hall on Andres Abellana Ext. road. Parents do not have the means to enroll them in kindergartens, so this is a way Rise Above help give the children a good start in their learning. The center runs through donations from caring people who like to team with us, giving opportunities to children who otherwise have no chance to grow into educated individuals.

Norwegian Aslaug Abigail had so much fun with the children, and she decided to sponsor one of them.

Korean students in Cebu spent a day with the children playing games, singing with them and fed them a nice lunch! The kids loved it.

Richard from France passing out Christmas gifts to the children.

A group of students wanted to do community service and asked us if they could help us by cleaning our center. Some cleaned all the toys while others prepared the walls for painting.

You can sign up with us for special events, whether it is to have a Christmas Party, Birthday Party or just simply make an event with friends or with your company.

Please call Marie on (032) 255 1973 or write us at and we will help you make a fun event at the Family Care Center.


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