The need:

Volunteer dental hygienists to visit elementary schools to follow up on the tooth-brushing program:

  1. Examining children’s teeth and report their oral status
  2. Giving instruction in proper tooth-brushing
  3. Communicate with us about with your findings, suggestions of improvement etc. Photos would also be nice.

The Program:

The Essential Health Care Program (EHCP) focuses on improving the health standard in Elementary Schools all over the Philippines. It focuses on:

  1. Daily tooth-brushing after lunch
  2. Handwashing after using the bathroom and before eating
  3. De-worming medication

Rise Above has been part of this program since 2005 and promoting it on the island of Cebu. At the moment we have companies and individuals who sponsor the program in 13 elementary schools. To improve the program, we invite dental hygienists to work as volunteers, – it can be an internship period which length can be determined, and the volunteer will work alongside one from Rise Above’s Team.

Dental hygienists from Denmark examining children at an elementary school.

A dental hygienist team from Canada giving instruction in a classroom.

The Department of Health distributes worm medicine to the schools twice yearly, so Rise Above focuses only on the oral health of the children.

For more information and to sign up as a volunteer, write to

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