Food Sharing Program

“If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved.”
– Bono

Food is the most important ingredient for survival, yet in the Philippines, around 2.1 million families experience hunger due to lack of food and go to bed with empty stomachs. Our hearts go out to these families who do not earn enough to provide a sufficient meal for their children every day, and we continue to invite people to take part in our Food Sharing Program to help ease their hunger with a hot bowl of healthy meal.


Good health and proper nutrition largely contribute to a child’s development. In the Philippines, many school-aged children suffer from malnutrition and go to school with an empty stomach as there is no food in their homes. Such was the case in Maghaway Elementary School, where 40% of children were undernourished and the school’s academic performance ranked 21st out of 24 schools in the city. We then gathered local and eventually international sponsors and bought large pots for cooking “lugaw” (rice porridge with chicken and assorted vegetables), in order to help these children. In a span of 3 years, we provided food every Wednesday for 1500 children, implemented the Toothbrushing and Dental Mission programs, and measured the progress of the children until such time that the school ranked 2nd in terms of academic performance. From then on, the sharing of meals expanded to Tapul, Jaclupan, and Sapangdaku (formerly Baksan) Elementary Schools, with the help of generous people from Denmark, Switzerland, and Singapore. The academic performance has again risen, and the absenteeism of school children has decreased.


Most families living in makeshift houses, built on land they do not own, struggle to survive in the slum areas of Cebu City, as most are unskilled workers who were not able to finish their education. With the help of sponsors, we are able to cook and share food for children from these families living in the neighboring slum areas around the Rise Above Community Center and Rise Above Family Care Center in Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City.

For only 220 US$, you can  sponsor the Food Sharing Program and provide a simple meal to feed 500 children! You can also help by preparing, cooking, and serving the food yourself or with your team/family. By celebrating your birthday, family, or company events (CSR) with us and inviting children in need as your special guests, you can serve them full meals and even facilitate games and activities to put smiles on their faces and food in their stomachs.

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