If you want to eliminate hunger, everybody has to be involved — Bono

The fact that about 40% of the Philippine population live under WHO’s poverty line and 25% of the population go hungry to bed at night is shocking! Our hearts go out to these poor families who don’t earn enough to give their children enough food every day. This is the reason we do “feedings” as they call it here, but it is only a “drop in the bucket” if we compare to the grave need.



The program provides food for children in poor schools. We measured progress over the span of 3 years at Maghaway Elementary School, whose academic performance was number 21 out of 24 schools in their city.

By providing food at the school once a week, implementing the tooth-brushing program, and supplying free dental treatment (through the Dental Mission), the school rose to number 2 in achievement in that city over a span of 3 years.

It just shows that health and nutrition go hand in hand with better academic performance and thus a brighter future. Since 2004 we have provided food for children in public schools, starting with 800 students from Maghaway Elementary School. We encountered a friend who first introduced us to the school and informed us that 40% of children were undernourished. We gathered local sponsorship from people who were interested in helping these children. We invested in some very large pots so we could prepare “Lugaw” (rice with lots of vegetables and chicken). From then on the sharing of meals expanded. In the school year of 2007-2008, we made food every Wednesday for the 1500 primary school pupils at the Maghaway School, and in addition we shared the lunch with Tapul and Jaclupan Elementary Schools. This was possible due to sponsorship from “Soernes Rotary Club” in Copenhagen. They continued to sponsor the dinner for the 1500 pupils in the year of 2008 together with a friend from Switzerland.

In 2008 we started the food program at Sapangdaku Elementary School (previously called Baksan Elementary School) in the hills of Cebu City and every year we have been able to continue this program with sponsors from Denmark, Switzerland and Singapore. The academic performance has again risen, and the absenteeism of the school children has decreased. These children are also part of the tooth-brushing program.

There are so many children who suffer, and there are many schools where children come to study without eating breakfast as there simply is no food at home.

If you are interested in helping children in poor schools, please do write us at RiseAbove@RiseAbove-Cebu.org.  You can feed 500 children once a week for 600 US$ a month. Please help!


From 2001-2008 we distributed food regularly to the children in a government hospital and various institutions for abused and abandoned children. Joven’s Grill and Seafoods, donated food each Sunday, for both the children in the institution and in the hospital.

A patient admitted to a public hospital here in the Philippines must buy the medicines and materials needed for the treatment which often leave their families with no money. The family member who is there caring for the child often starves as they cannot afford to buy food for themselves.

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Many of the families who live in squatter areas in Cebu struggle to survive, as most are unskilled and uneducated people.

You are welcome to sponsor a feeding at the Rise Above Community Center. Your donation of US$200 helps us cook for 500 children who live in the slum by our Community Center in Guadalajara, Guadalupe in Cebu City.

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