More Aid to Typhoon Victims.

2014 was a very busy year for Rise Above, as the Super-Typhoon had just swept through the Visayas Region of the Philippines and affected millions of people. One cannot just be a spectator when such tragedy strikes – we get moved to action. More than 25 tons of aid was distributed to more than 500 […]

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Welcome to Rise Above Foundation Cebu

Since November 2000, we have been working as volunteers in Cebu City, Philippines. Our team is striving to help improve the quality of life for the poor and underprivileged by means of providing educational opportunities, livelihood training, and health and hygiene programs.

We connect and cooperate with volunteers from several countries and help facilitate their work and accommodations in Cebu. We establish contact with schools and institutions for students in our internship program, and organize "dental missions" to treat the poor in "Free Clinics". Dentists and dental hygienists from several western countries participate in our projects to provide treatment as well as oral education for poor children and adolescents.

Our vision is to give people a chance to lead better lives through education and training. You can help make that dream a reality through financial contributions or to work as a volunteer.