”Our greatest resource is the minds of our children” – Walt Disney

Building the Children’s Library came from a dream of giving the children of Guadalajara, Guadalupe, Cebu city, the Rise Above Community Center is located in, an opportunity to rise above through learning through books and play. And with the dream came the possibility of doing it, through generous donations from supporters and friends.


The Children’s Library building was inaugurated in April, 2015, and the first volunteers started in June. Children ages 3-6 were enrolled, while the 7 – 14 year-olds came in the afternoon, after their classes. It was thrilling to see the excitement in these kids as they entered the nice and clean library area and looking in the colorful books.


They loved learning, and the volunteers enjoyed teaching them through songs, skits, reading and playing. These kids had never before been in a place like this, and the parents were not in the position to supply their kids with learning opportunities like this one, plainly because of poverty.


It is our hope that the Children’s Library will become a center where young children will be able to take advantage of this opportunity.


1. Volunteers. You can teach kids different skills, hobbies, and your passion as they are very eager to learn. Click on the link to watch the video.

2.  Financial assistance. The children who come to the library come from extreme poverty and they seldom have more than 1 meal a day. Sometimes not even that. Many are malnourished. We serve nourishing meals that give them strength.

Rooms and Accommodation

The community center has single, double and dorm rooms for rent for volunteers. You can book the time you would want to volunteers with us, including renting of a room.

Dorm Rooms

Single Rooms

Double Rooms

Relaxation Area and Kitchenette

The rooms are brand new and have air conditioning, fans, and Wi-fi. There is also a lounge and relaxation area, as well as a refrigerator and own kitchenette for the upstairs rooms.

Write us for more information: riseabove@riseabove-cebu.org

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