School Starter Packs for 100 Kids

Another school year has officially started. And children who are going to school are really excited. They are excited to meet new friends and use their new school materials. That is if they HAVE new things.

Most children in Sambag Dos, the poor area beside our Community Center, long to have new school materials in the coming school year. However, their parents could barely afford money for food, much more money for new school materials.

100 children from Sambag Dos lined up to receive their school starter packs.

So, we are so thankful when Jemima and her team decided to donate school starter packs for 100 kids from the community. They brought notebooks, pens, pencils, crayons, rulers, scissors, and other small things. Then they placed them into plastic envelopes, ready to distribute to the children who are eagerly waiting outside the gate.

Jemima and her team, ready to distribute the bundles.
The kids went it by five, to receive the school materials.
Arnel thanked Jemima after receiving the envelope.
Jemima with the kids. Their smiles show how happy they are receiving these school materials.
Jasper is a child with a genetic disorder. And she's one of the children who received the school materials.
Jasper, with her cousins. Like the other kids, she's also excited to receive things for school.

Through this effort, we are giving more than just school materials to these kids. We are giving them hope and inspiration to go to school and do their best. Thank you for being that inspiration.

Together we can make a difference!

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