Child Minding Center Moving Up Ceremony

Our warmest congratulations to all the graduates for this year!

Do you know what’s fun? It’s when you see the people you are helping move up. It’s when you see their smiles and you feel their joy, even for the little things that they’ve achieved. And that’s why every year, we wait for graduations and moving up ceremonies. That’s one of our best moments.

Just this month, we had a fun, little party with the kids at the Family Care Center!

It’s been such a cute moving-up celebration of our kids. They prepared a short song and dance presentation and they were rewarded their ribbons and medals for being excellent students.

One of the graduates with his mom. He received several awards from Teacher Nida from being an outstanding student.

It’s a happy day for the parents as well. This moving up celebration is a small but significant step for these kids.

After this, they will start their kindergarten and grade school education and through the Family Care Center, we try to prepare them for the system and processes in the “real world”.

We also do our best to get sponsorship for these children as they get into grade school, because a lot of students drop out of school even before they graduate from elementary school due to lack of school materials and allowance for food every day.

For a lot of parents, sending their students to elementary and high school is already unthinkable, much more seeing them graduate in college. And our goal is to see these kids graduate in college with the courses that they dream of and succeed in life, to, in turn, help others as well.

That is our vision. And we need your help to make that dream a reality for these kids.

The Rise Above Foundation Cebu team with the graduates, their parents, and volunteers in the center. Such a happy team!

You can sponsor a child’s education, including food, for just $1.30 per day. That’s definitely less than your daily dose of coffee. Find out how by sending us a message or by emailing us at


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