Sharing Love Through Donations

In February 2021, the Rise Above Team distributed blouses and blankets knitted by a group of lovely ladies from Denmark to mountainous areas around Cebu, Philippines. With the assistance of staff from the local government, the team was also able to visit a small community of street-dwellers who live in makeshift houses made of scrap iron sheets, old plywood, and used tarp. The crowded neighborhood of Sitio Silangan, located near the shipyard and port area, is home to the poorest of the poor in Barangay Tinago, Cebu City.

As soon as the announcement was made about clothes to be distributed to kids, even adults started to crowd in, hoping that something inside the big box would fit them too. The little boys who were told that only blouses for girls were available also asked to have their share of the nice-looking clothes, as owning a pink or purple blouse is better than having none at all. The few blankets left, on the other hand, were given to homeless senior citizens. Here are some photos about how a box of knitted clothes brought back a bit of color in the lives of these people:

Throughout the month, we also received different donations in the form of food, clothes, shoes, books, toys, and even a printer and a computer set! Thank you very much to all of you. On the behalf of the children and families, we extend our appreciation to you as you were able to help so generously.

Children from our Educational Sponsorship Program enjoyed the donated
school materials and food.

Rise Above always appreciates donations in kind such as sacks of rice, canned goods, clothes, shoes, toys and school materials. Please contact us through:

Landline: +63 32 255 1063
Mobile: +63 927 222 2262
Facebook: Rise Above Foundation Cebu

To know more about the different projects of Rise Above Foundation Cebu, Inc., you can visit our website through this link:

Together we can make a difference!

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