Message from the Volunteers

We always appreciate having volunteers with us. It is such a huge lift in the work that has to be done with additional manpower. It is also very inspiring to see people from different countries and of different ages come here and help make a difference.

And it is more inspiring to receive messages from them showing how much they enjoyed working with us. It’s heartwarming as we listen to their heartfelt gratitude of being with us, when we should be the one thanking them.

Here are some of the most recent feedback that we received from our volunteers. They stayed at the Children’s Library for a couple of days. They absolutely loved the kids.

Thank you Zeke, Julie and Mollie for making a difference with us. We hope to meet more people who will help us make a difference. 

If you are who we’re looking for, please don’t hesitate. You can send us an email at or You can also call us at (032)255-1063.

Volunteer now!

Together We Can Make a Difference!

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