Treasure in Trash: Life at the Garbage Dump

Life can be hard for many of us. But I’d say, it’s more difficult for this little child.

This is Arnel Ayen. He is now if fourth grade and has been on the sponsorship program since first grade. He lives with his mom and a younger sibling. His dad left when he was young

Arnel’s family live near the city dumpsite. Their main source of income is finding recyclable objects from other people’s garbage.

They dive into mountains of trash looking for plastic bottles, and other materials they can sell. This is also where they find food. They pick up leftovers from fast food chains that has been dumped there and save what they can for their next meal.

The area where Arnel and his family live.

Arnel's backyard.

Their house is made of indigenous materials. And since they don't have enough, they cover the holes with blanket and things they find from the dumpsite.

Arnel and his family are very thankful to his sponsor. Without their help, it would be impossible for Arnel to go to school as they don’t even have enough money for food.

Now, Arnel can go to school, with complete uniform and school materials. And he gets free food every day. This is such a difference for him as he no longer has to worry about his next meal. He just has to study and give his best in school.

He wants to become a teacher someday. His dream is to teach the kids from the dumpsite whose parents cannot afford to send them to school.

To his dear sponsors, you have given Arnel a reason to hope and to never give up. Thank you for making a difference!

Together we can make a difference!

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