Hampton University School of Pharmacy Visits Rise Above Foundation Cebu

Hampton University Pharmacy students with Adi, Flemming and some kids from the community.

It has been a fruitful week for us!

Last Monday, May 22, 2017, pharmacy students from Hampton University visited Cebu, Philippines. They wanted to learn about the medical system in the Philippines. They also wanted to help feed the children from poor areas.

The activity started at one o’clock in the afternoon. The first part of the program was a short seminar conducted by nurse Raymar from one of the public hospitals in Cebu. He introduced the Philippine medical system to the students so they can see a glimpse of how things work in the Philippines’ medical field.

Nurse Raymar explaining the medical system to the HUSOP students.

Shortly after the seminar, the students spent time with the kids in the library. They sang songs and played with some of the little children.

The team also went out to the community to hand out meal tickets to the children, as they sponsored a feeding for 400 poor children from the community.

The students handing out tickets to the kids in the community.

They also distributed the meals to the children who were lined up outside the gate. 

HUSOP students distributing meals to the kids during the feeding.

The students were moved by the experience that at the end of the event, they all became emotional. Some of the students cried as they bade goodbye to the kids. It was a beautiful afternoon.

Here are some of the students sharing about their experience:

Hampton University School of Pharmacy Making a Difference expe…

After the distribution of food, I saw these two ladies touched by what they saw in the community. So I asked them to share a little bit about their experience.I hope this will inspire you because it does inspire me to review my perspective again and appreciate the little things. Thank you Hampton University School of Pharmacy for making a difference.#makeadifference #HUSOP #Hamptonuniversity #riseabove #riseabovecebu #foodprogram #health

Slået op af Rise Above Foundation Cebu i Mandag den 22. maj 2017

We even received this feedback from one of the students a few days after they went home. 

It is encouraging to hear this message and we hope you’d also be encouraged to make a difference with us.

Together we can make a difference!

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