Asia Brewery Donated 15,000 cups of Yogurt for Indigents in Cebu

We have been so blessed for the past couple of months. After the milk donation from Nestle, we received a call from Benedict Lasala of Asia Brewery Incorporation, Manila. They wanted to donate 15,000 cups of yogurt to be distributed to indigents and children in different schools, as well as to our two centers.

Delivery of the Yogurt at the Family Care Center.

On April 2nd, 2017, 630 cases of Pascual Creamy Delight Yogurt were delivered to our Family Care Center in Guadalupe. They were delivered by the company truck, and the Rise Above team were there to help organize the delivery.

Marie, Elisabet and Abi worked together with the men who delivered the yogurts.

After just a few days, we were able to contact the different schools that we are connected with, and delivered boxes of yogurts to Napo Elementary School in the hills behind Cebu City and Camoboan Elementary School in Tabogon on the north of the Cebu Island, to indigent areas we regularly help as well as to our two centers.

Abi and Marie went up to Napo to deliver the boxes of yogurts and distribute them to the kids.
The kids are really happy to receive this gift from Asia Brewery Incorporation.

Children in the poor community near the Family Care Center were happily surprised when we came to distribute the yogurts.

Jennifer, a teacher and a volunteer at Rise Above helped in the distribution of 600 cups of yogurts in the nearby community.

Here is a short video of appreciation from Mrs. Grace A. Bonghanoy, Master teacher at Napo Elementary School.

Thank You Video from Napo Elementary School

Here's an interview video we took with one of the head teachers during the distribution of yogurt at Napo Elementary School.#yogurt #health #makeadifference #healthconscious #food

Slået op af Rise Above Foundation Cebu i Mandag den 10. april 2017

To Asia Brewery Incorporation, thank you so much for choosing Rise Above Foundation as your beneficiary. Many kids were able to taste yogurt for the very first time and this made them really happy.

We are always thankful to companies and individuals who want to share their blessings to the less privileged.  We enjoy passing on the goods to the needy and look at it as a privilege. Your gifts clearly make a difference!

Together we can make a difference!

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