Corporate Social Responsibility in Action: Companies give back

Connecting big companies to underprivileged communities have never been easier in this day and age. And we are always so happy to be the bridge between these two stakeholders.

This month, we were contacted by Tech Mahindra, a big outsourcing company here in Cebu. They want to conduct a free grooming and food party with the children in our Community Center. This is part of their corporate social responsibility program for this year.

Tech Mahindra partnered with La Metisse Salon and One Hour Heroes to conduct this free grooming, free haircut and food party for the kids.

The day started with the team from Tech Mahindra washing the hair of the children who came in. After the kids’ hair are washed, they then proceed to the “salon area” where they waited for their turn to have their hair cut.

After they got their new haircut, they then lined up to get their hot rice, meat, and vegetable porridge and proceed to the tables to eat. It was such a fun treat for the kids.

But the celebration wasn’t over yet. After some games by Tech Mahindra team, volunteers from One Hour Heroes, an organization who wore full-on superhero costumes came to entertain the kids. And the kids were super hyped! It’s the first time they saw cosplayers for the first time, wearing their favorite superhero costumes. And they looked super legit!

They met Iron Man and Iron Woman, Spiderman, and more. For kids who seldom go out of their house, this is super fun and happy.

We are so happy to see the kids be kids. These children suffer from the effects of poverty every day. Their parents cannot afford a full meal for them and most of the time, they can only eat one meal a day. And due to poverty, their parents can hardly afford to bring them to the mall or an entertainment park. The Community Center is already such a treat for the kids.

Having this party and meeting some of the superheroes that they really love is already a super treat for them and they will never, ever forget it. Thank you Tech Mahindra, La Metisse and One Hour Heroes for making this possible. You have filled the kids’ heart and so ours too.


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