A Volunteer’s Experience: Volunteering at the Family Care Center

This is an article contribution from Hannah, one of our volunteers at the Family Care Center.

I had been looking for an organization in Cebu that I could volunteer my time in while I’m visiting for a few weeks. A quick Google search led me to the Rise Above Foundation Cebu website.

After an online exchange with Shane, I visited the office (which was coincidentally one street away from our house here in Cebu). On the same day in the afternoon, I was able to visit the Family Care Center (FCC) and meet Teacher Nida.

Teacher Nida is the preschool teacher at the Family Care Center. She teaches the kids basic reading, writing and counting skills.

Through the visit, I learned about the wonderful program run by Rise Above through the FCC and how they provide child-minding services and educational opportunities to children in the community aged 3-6.

Since then, I’ve spent a couple of days in the FCC with the kids and have gotten to witness firsthand all the great learning experiences – from reciting and writing down the alphabet to practicing how to count and developing their fine motor skills through Lego building.

In addition to the care, supervision, and learning provided to the children, they also get to enjoy a daily lunch meal (prepared by Nanay Carmelita) before getting picked up by their parents.

Aside from the volunteers that occasionally come to help Teacher Nida, she usually handles the nearly 15 kids at the FCC on her own. I work with kids in Toronto (Canada) and understand how challenging it is to work with kids AND do things mostly on your own.

So if you love working with kids and have a bit of time, I hope you’ll look into volunteering at the Rise Above Family Care Center. They also welcome donations of school supplies (books, pencils, Gr. 1 writing paper) and toys (Lego, blocks, etc.).

You’ll never know how investing a little bit of your time and resources could change someone’s life.

Hannah with some of the kids in the Family Care Center. Thank you for your time, Hannah! We really appreciate it.

If you’re interested in volunteering for any of our programs, please check out our Volunteer Page. There is so much to do and we need people like you who wants to make a difference for the underprivileged and needy. You can be part of this.

You can email us at riseabove@riseabove-cebu.org or call us at (032)255-1063.


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