A Life Story of Hope and Determination: Amputee Student Success Story

A very happy graduate in Hospitality Management at Cebu Technical University in Moalboal, Junevieve Pales, tells us her story of hardship, challenges, and victory. She received sponsorship from Roskilde Rotary Club, Denmark, for her 4-year course. Her desire is to support her family and younger siblings so they also can get a good education and a better future!

Junevieve has a unique life story. She had an operation to amputate her leg just below her hip in 2010 because of bone cancer. We all know how cancer can affect someone’s life, but in her case, it added hopelessness to their struggling family as they were very poor.

She has 8 siblings, and 3 nieces and nephews also live with them. Her dad passed away in 2001 so her mother is the only one providing for their basic needs. Her mother works as a housemaid and earns US$ 5 per day.

In a video, she shared with us about her struggles, hard work, and determination to go beyond her disability and to rise above poverty. Because of her generous sponsor, a brighter future has opened for Junevieve and her family. The support for her 4 year college education changed her life and her future.

We are very grateful to all the sponsors of our education sponsorship program. You are making a lasting difference in the lives of all the kids on the program.


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