Sharing Relief Food Packages to Families Affected by the Lockdown

“Deep within every crisis is an opportunity for something beautiful” -Kate McGahan

In the midst of a pandemic, we still find ourselves blessed with people who choose to set aside their share of the struggle and reach out to those who are most in need. With more than 85,000 COVID-19 cases in the Philippines and Cebu City as one of the places with the highest number of infected individuals, many Filipinos are still unable to earn and provide for their families due to city-wide lockdowns and business closures. In our call for sponsors to help us extend help and provide food for these families, friends and partners from different parts of the world have responded with generosity and made it possible for us to feed 70 families in Barangay Guadalupe, Cebu City. Here is the story of the Food Sharing Program which took place last July 11, 2020:

Before the food distribution, everything had to be planned out because of government-imposed schedules for Quarantine Pass holders and vehicles to go out and purchase essential goods. We only had Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday morning, before the distribution in the afternoon, to have everything ready.

On days when we could go out, we met with the team to discuss plans and delegate tasks, went to the market to order eggs and vegetables, purchased goods from the grocery store, delivered letters to ask for assistance from the police and Barangay officials, and picked-up the ordered goods for distribution. Other days were spent filling out order forms and communicating with food suppliers, preparing lists and tickets for the recipient families, repacking the goods, and setting up safety measures in the centers to make sure COVID-19 protocols are followed.

On the day of the Food Sharing Program, the small team along with police officers and barangay personnel were assigned different tasks to ensure safety and order. Tasks included making sure family representatives followed social distancing while waiting in line, assisting people with washing their hands and feet before entering the center, having each recipient register and acknowledge receipt of the relief goods, and preparing the items to be received by the families.

The distribution of the food packages went well and successfully. It was a bit tiring and risky, but an encouraging and fulfilling task as it made us feel good seeing the family representatives happy and hearing them say, “Thank you.” In turn, we pass on and give back to you, our dear sponsors, their gratitude, for thinking of them and being a source of hope and providence in a time like this. On behalf of the 70 families, THANK YOU!

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