On Dec. 16, Typhoon Odette a Category 5 typhoon swept through the central Philippines with wind speeds of 300 km/hour or more. It caused death and widespread damage and destruction in a gigantic area. It hit hard in Cebu City, cutting off water and electricity, falling debris and trees crushed houses, roofs flew off, fallen trees blocked roads, and damaged power lines. Unbelievable and total destruction. People are already starving!

There used to be a house where the cupboards are standing. The photo is taken from the roof of the Rise Above Community Center. 11,000 people live in this area. 50% are between 0-19 years old.

This is Imelda’s house. She’s on our livelihood bag weaving program. She’s a widow and lives there with 8 children and one grandchild. Her oldest daughter is handicapped.

We are here to help!

But we need money to do so. The big needs are:

  1. Generator to get electricity.                     Pesos 80,000
  2. Corrugated roof sheets – per piece.        Pesos 500 (It can take 8 – 10 roof sheets for one small house.)
  3. Wood for roofs – for a small house          Pesos 10,000
  4. Rolls of tarpaulin – temporary shelter    Pesos 5,000 (We would give awnings to cover damaged or no roofs.)
  5. Solar lamps/flashlights                               Pesos 2,500
  6. Jerry cans for water or fuel                        Pesos 1,000
  7. Rice per sack/50 kg                                      Pesos 2,500
  8. Lugaw (meal) for 500 persons:                 Pesos 11,000   

Exchange rate: 100 US$ = 5000 pesos

These are just a few of the immediate needs. You can choose what you would like to sponsor, but know that whatever amount you send, all of it will go to help with the restoration of the communities around us.

This is the way we will spend our Christmas. Christmas is love, caring, giving and helping.

Please help us make Christmas special this year for as many families as possible!

Donate here: www.riseabove-cebu.org/give

Please add comment: ‘Typhoon Aid

With warm Christmas greetings,

Flemming and Elisabet, Gabe and Marie, Abi and Rise Above Team in Cebu

Rise Above always appreciates donations in kind such as sacks of rice, canned goods, clothes, shoes, toys and school materials. Please contact us through:

E-mail: riseabove@riseabove-cebu.org
Landline: +63 32 255 1063
Mobile: +63 927 222 2262
Facebook: Rise Above Foundation Cebu

To know more about the different projects of Rise Above Foundation Cebu, Inc., you can visit our website through this link: https://riseabove-cebu.org/projects/.

Together we can make a difference!

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