On its second year running, Grade 1 students of Paref Southcrest School together with their adviser, Ms. Josephine Fajardo, hosted a Christmas party celebration for some underprivileged children of Sitio Sambag Dos, Guadalupe, Cebu on December 8, 2017.

The children who went to the party are kids aged 6-7 years old, who reside in slum areas in Guadalupe, Cebu. Living in poverty, these same children would not have had a chance to engage in such an elaborate celebration where they get to play games with nice prizes, have a proper meal and even get a present at the end.

Before the program started, each child was paired with a Paref Southcrest student. The pairs were encouraged to get to know each other and work together during the games. It was very heartwarming to see Paref Southcrest students reach out and make friends with their visitors—some of whom were very shy.

Paref Southcrest students began the program with a prayer and some welcome messages for their visitors.

Not to be outdone, their visitors also came forward to say their heartfelt thanks!

The games began right after. For every game, each pair had to work as one and they only get one prize if they win. It was a great learning opportunity for all the children. Especially that the Paref Southcrest students were briefed to give the prizes to their partners, if ever they won. It was so humbling to see Paref Southcrest students do their best during the games even though they knew that they would be giving the prizes away. Such genuine selflessness is something that we can all strive for.

After the games, the Paref Southcrest students gathered in front to present a musical number for their visitors.

The last part of the program was the gift-giving. Each student brought with them a present for their partner. They gladly gave their gifts and then they went together to the front to help give the Christmas hamper that they also prepared for the kids of Guadalupe. The Christmas hampers contained food that the children can share with their families back home.

Before the festivities ended, the students had one more surprise for their visitors. It was none other than Jollibee!

Overall, it was a fun and very well-organized celebration filled with so much laughter and heartwarming memories for everybody. Programs like this bring light and hope to the lives of the children, who otherwise constantly live in dark uncertainty.

From the bottom of our hearts, we at Rise Above Foundation, thank the Grade 1 class of Paref Southcrest school for their generous hearts and for making this a happier and brighter Christmas for the kids of Sitio Sambag Dos.


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