Onward to the Next Step! Sponsored Kids Graduate

We are so glad that our sponsored kids graduated from different year levels that they were in.

There are those who graduated from our childminding program at the Family Care Center. Then we have sponsored children who graduated from Elementary and High School.

Graduating college students from Cebu Technical University, Moalboal

Junevieve and Merivic, two of the students we sponsor for college, got their Associate Degrees as they completed two (2) years of college education in the courses they chose. They received certificates which they can use if they would want to look for a job, in case they are not able to continue their education.

They hope though, that their education will continue to be sponsored until they graduate with their Bachelor’s Degree, which is 2 more years in college.

For many of our sponsored kids, to graduate and complete another year, many with honors, is a great milestone for them. Many of their fellow students are not able to continue their studies, the main reason being poverty.

This is the reason that both the kids and their parents appreciate your help and they look forward to the coming school year.

We just can’t stop saying THANK YOU to all our sponsors for all the support that you have extended to these kids. You are truly making a difference for them, year by year. Your support has helped the kids come this far, and it is deeply and greatly appreciated!

Thank you for making a difference with us!


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