Mexicans Volunteered at the Rise Above Community Center

Alex and Roberta, the founders of Travelers with Cause, organized a team of 10 Mexican volunteers who came here to Cebu to do community service and activities with us at Sambag Dos as well as other communities nearby.

We were privileged to host 10 very enthusiastic, energetic, hardworking and positive young Mexican volunteers at the Rise Above Community Center.

During the 13 days that the volunteers were at the center, they were able to repaint the walls and ceilings of the Community Center, as well as the big wall outside, facing the community.

They also spent time with the kids at the library every afternoon, went out to the community to learn more about the needs of the people as well as sponsoring two feedings serving a total of 1,000 meals at the Community Center and at Sitio Kanaas, another community near the Family Care Center.

They were able to completely paint a colorful mural on this wall, facing the community. It's like providing a ray of sunshine to the people who see it.

They celebrated Mexican Day with the kids at the center, introducing Mexican music, games, and culture to the children. They arranged an outing to D’Family Park where the kids had lots of fun playing and swimming in the pool.

On one of the days, they went to the Inayawan rubbish dump where more than 20 of our sponsored kids for education live. It was an eye-opening experience for them as they saw families living in mountains of garbage.

The shocking living condition of the people in Inayawan Dumpsite in Cebu City.

All in all, it has been a great and unforgettable experience for both the people in the community and the Mexican volunteers.

Watch the journey of the Mexican Volunteers with Rise Above – red

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