Dental Mission with University of Pacific Dental Team

Just as the month of June was about to end, we received a volunteer dental team from the University of Pacific in San Francisco. Every year the University sends a dental Charity team to a poor country in South and Central America, but this year they chose to work together with Rise Above.

The free dental treatment given to the students of Canjulao Elementary School was greatly appreciated.

One of the senior dental students, Olivia, participated as an assistant during a dental mission held some years ago in Tabogon, in the north on Cebu Island. She had a wonderful experience, so she proposed for the team to do the mission with Rise Above in Cebu City this year.

And indeed, a large dental team came to give free treatment to the students and teachers of Canjulao Elementary School in Lapu-Lapu City, Cebu.

Some of the dentists also gave lectures to the students in the classrooms on the proper way of toothbrushing. The students and teachers are very grateful to the team, as they rarely get this kind of opportunity in a public school.

The teachers and students were so grateful that they even performed a Ukulele presentation for the whole dental team during the last day of the Dental Mission. It was awesome!

We would like to thank all the sponsors who made the dental mission possible. We also would like to thank the head dentist of the Department of Education in Lapu-Lapu for welcoming the team. It has been fun and they can’t wait to send the next team back here.


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