July Dental Mission with the Danish Team

After just one week after the dental team from the USA came, we did another round of dental mission. This time, with 11 dentists from Denmark. It was 2-weeks of non-stop work for the dental team.

The teachers in Camp 7 National High School with the Danish dentists.

The first week, the dental mission was held at Camp 7 National High School in a mountains area which is part of Minglanilla, a province in Cebu.

It was the very first time that this type of dental mission was held in the school as it is very remote. The school is poor and most of the children have to walk as far as it is mostly farmland in the area.

Some of the senior students enjoyed working as dental assistants while others were looking in and curious, seeing a dental set-up for the first time.

We also donated hygiene kits for the students and teachers. The hygiene kit is composed of toothbrushes, bottles of toothpaste and handsoaps for the entire year. We encouraged them to save up for next year’s hygiene kit as it will only cost 5 pesos for each student per month, to get a year worth of hygiene kit, which is very cheap considering.

After the dental mission at Camp 7, the team then transferred to the Blessed Sacrament Church in Mabolo, Cebu City. This was arranged by The Sisters of the Sacred Heart of Jesus and Mary, headed by Sister Anne.

Dentists at work during the dental mission at Sister Anne's place. It's so busy!

All throughout the dental mission, we treated a total of 716 patients during the dental mission. 1,128 teeth restored, 1,131 teeth extracted, 148 prophylaxis (cleaning), and there were also other treatments done, as needed by the patients.

Here’s a short message from the school head of Camp 7 National High School.

All in all, the dental mission was a huge success, thanks to our wonderful sponsors who made this possible.

Thank you for making a difference with us!


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