Food Program for Poor Children in Cebu

In the Philippines, there are around 7 million children who are suffering from hunger and malnutrition. This is according to a survey taken by United for Healthier Kids last year, 2017. And the main reason for this is poverty.

For this reason, we are so thankful to all the kindhearted citizens and individuals who spend money and take time off, to prepare a meal for our kids.

Last month, we had several individuals and groups of people who came and prepared a meal for our kids. Yannick, who is a regular volunteer, spent a morning with the kids at Napo Elementary school. He prepared a meal for 500 students, with Marie and other Rise Above staff.

Yannick went up the mountain with Gabe and Marie, to serve 500 meals to students of Napo Elementary School.

Napo Elementary School is a primary school, up in the mountain of Guadalupe area, where there are around 500 students. They mostly are from very poor families and these kids had to walk for more than an hour just to reach their school, every morning.

We have been serving meals to this school for years now and we saw a big change in the nutrition, health, and performances of the students. So we are very thankful to all the sponsors who help us serve this school and their students. You are making a difference!

Just days after the feeding at Napo, another batch of individuals also came to the Family Care Center to donate food for 100 kids. This is part of a birthday celebration of their child.

The kids enjoyed not just the food that is served, but as well as the program that was prepared by the sponsors. It was indeed a memorable birthday party for both the celebrants and our kids.

Thank you to Pam and her family for choosing to celebrate your kid’s birthday with our children from the Family Care Center. You have made them so happy.

Family Care Center Kids’ Presentation

If you want to help beat malnutrition and make a difference to the poor children in Cebu, you can do it with us. Visit our Food Program page to know more about the program and how you can help.

You can also get involved with other projects and programs. We encourage you to be part of this cause.


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